unfCFG editor [console] and [gui] pack, with latest versions

unfCFG writer v1.4 [gui]
by unfunf

The gui config editor is designed for those who are too visual to bother with all the console commands offered by the console version of my editor. The gui version offers all the same features as the console version + a few extra.

+Instant read/write access to any file.
+Write new configs or edit existing ones.
+Support for any file size under 2gb.
+GUI w/ Save/load dialogs
+STDS [lol, save time detection system... or sexually transmitted disease, whatever you wish]
+AutoSave option
+XPTheme support

_Help console fixed, now uses Notepad.

unfCFG writer v1.1 [console]
by unfunf

The console program is mainly designed for people who want to simply write a config fast and such, since console commands (save, exit, menu, commands, cvarlist in v1.1) are a lot faster in my opinion, than menus and fiddling around w/ hotkeys.

+Instant read/write access to any text base file.
+Write new configs or append to previous ones.
+Support for reasonably large 10(65500~ byte) buffers, for big configs.
+Buffer overflow protection, so don't try loading a 10 mb .txt file.
+Supports the following commands (all case sensitive):
*save - saves current config file
*exit - exits program
*menu - returns to main menu
*commands - gives a list of quake 3 commands
*cvarlist - gives a list of quake 3 cvars